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Entries: 43
12.04.2010 07:58, Hans from Nederland :
Geweldig progje gebruik het al jaren werkt altijd,
zeer bedankt!

22.01.2010 05:19, leonardo cerda from chile :
intersado en le programa para practicar el zungazing

04.01.2010 09:47, Joseph J Vialonga from United States E-mail :
Great program but I need help setting offset. We use daylight savings time here and when I check anticipated sunrise/sunset in those months it is always off by an hour. I live in Ocean NJ and have installed correct coordinates as the times are correct except for the months DST are in effect.

Can you help me?



Hey Joseph,

the DTS is activated by the button saison in the aboutscreen. In the same screen, you can determinated when DST is starting(summertime) and stopping (wintertime).
In each panel you set wich month and in wich week of that month at what day the summertime starts. In the panel wintertime, you do the same do define the stopping of the DST.

best regards


ps when you move with the mouse over an item (buttom, panel: you can see the hint) There is also an helpfile by clicking on the question mark in the about screen.
21.12.2009 16:03, Peter from Caerphilly, UK Homepage :
Excellent little program - just what I needed!

31.10.2009 23:47, john evans from Mt. Pleasant utah usa E-mail :
thank you for this program

29.10.2009 20:52, Dan from Huntsville, TX, USA E-mail :
Thanks for a program that is just what I needed. This is as close as I could find to an old Advanced BASIC program I wrote years ago, circa early 1980s. You've even added functionality with the lunar cycles. Thank you.

15.09.2009 15:38, alfonso E-mail :
Hola a tod@s

11.02.2009 21:21, David from Lethbridge AB Canada E-mail Homepage :
I have used this on my system for some time and I just upgraded my system and now have moved from former address How do I get help with understanding the Offset?

28.12.2008 10:33, Sigge Johansson from Sweden E-mail :
I am very interested of astronomy and for years I have searched for a prgrm like this – an easy way to see when the sun comes and goes where I live – and also for other parts of the globe.
Thank you for an excellent prgrm.

Sigge J-son, Sweden

12.02.2008 05:45, Stephen from Wichita, Kansas, USA :
Great little program which comes in handy for properly anticipating the arrival of the weekly Sabbath. I actually have it running within a Linux operating system using WINE.

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Entries: 43
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